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194 1796 1861 1870 1880 1902 1905 1908 1911 1912 1913 1914 1915 1918 1926 1927 1940 1948 1949 1953 1960&#039 1984 1985 1986 1987 1989 1996/7 63465 a j ritchie a. j. r. a684 abbey abbots alter animals arch army arthur tinsley ashington ashington house askrigg attic august aysgarath aysgarth aysgarth church aysgarth falls b6160 back back nook back road bainbridge barn bear park beck beech beech croft bench ends benjamin taylor bernard cook beyond bishopdale bishopdale beck black bull block blue bridge blue ridge bluebridge bolton bolton castle bolton hall bomb bomb crater bonnet boundary boundary stone bridal veil bridge building burrill robinson burton beck busk butcher buttertubs buttertubs pass c1906 camp caption card carlton. carperby carriage carved stone castle castle bolton cats-scar cauldron falls causeway celebrations cemetary chair chancel chantry chapel chapmans chapman’s chapman’s field chapter house chickens christmas christmas greetings church church tower churchyard cloisters cockerel coffin col. scobie col. wilson colby hall coleby hall colonel colour coloured coronation cote bridge cote farm cote smelt cottage cottages cotter force council houses coverham coverham abbey cow crag crater cricket croft croft fields croft wood croftsouth cross cross farm crossroads dam damage dame lane danby danby hall date stone dick turpins doctor doctor baker dog door doorway dr baker dungeon dyer dub dyers dub east east side edgley elm house entrance exterior falls falls. farm fell view felled festivities field fields fireplace five sisters flanders flanders hall flaunders gill fleensop flood floods font footbridge footpath forelands forelands lane forlands fors gill, bishopdale fort foss foss gill fountain fountains abbey fountains hall from front lawn front nook frozen frozen waterfalls function gala galloway galloway house gammersgill garage garden garden path gardens georgia winn georgina maud georgina ritchie gertie coates giggleswick gill glory goose lane grange grange farm grange garden grange greenhouse green greenhouse group h riley smith h. riley-smith hall hall stables hand coloured hand-coloured hardraw hardraw falls hardraw scarr hardraw scaur harper wath hawes hay haymaking hazely garth heaning heaning hall hell gill henry chapman henry cook hens hestholm hestholme high high barn high falls hills hipped horse horse and cart horse cart people horses hotel hounds house howraine hubberholme hugh maughan huntsman will inn interior jack chapman jack hammond jack wood jane winn jcw jervaulx jervaulx abbey john thompson july june 1914 kennels kidson kidson bank kidston bank kilnsey crag knights templar lake lawn leap left leyburn lily lily pond lily ponds lime kiln little little barn loft long pasture looking looking down looking north low barn low mill lower lower fall lower falls lowest view, foss gill, bishopdale lynchets maggie maggie millers maiden dub main main street margaret margery burrill market market cross market place mary maypole maypole dancing memories middle falls middleham middleham castle mill mill chimney mill cottages mill dam mill field mill gill mill gill foss millers miss g winn moor morphet morphet lane mr picard mr scropes museum nancy nick naney coates nappa hall nave neighbouring nelholme neville hal newbiggin newton le willows nine altars north north side north walden north west oak carving october old bridge old hall old hall stables old tree ovens over pack horse packhorse bridge paddock paint shop palmer flatt panoramic party pass path pen hill penhill penn hill pews pewter piard hill picard hill pickard pike pond post postcard pot pre 1930&#039 properties pub pump purchas purchas bridge purchasbridge queen queen elizabeth ii queens gab quilt quoits rafters railings range raydale grange rectory redmire remains rev t whitehead reverend t. whitehead ribbons richmond bridge riddings riddings farm ritchie river rivers road roadside robert thompson rockery rocks roman fort roman road roof rookery rookwith rookwith bridge rookwith footbridge room ruins rust s s dub sanatorium scaur school school house screen semer water semerdale hall semerwater semmerwater sepia shaw gill shawl sheet shire horse shooting site smithsons snow sorrelsykes south south walden south walden. squire st margaret st matthews st matthew’s st michael and all angels st oswald st oswalds stable stable block stables stalling stalling busk standing stepping stepping stones steps stile stocks stone stones street sunset swale swinithwaite talbot whitehead tank teapot templars chapel temple temple house the black bull the bridal veil the castle the castle&#039 the cow the cross the footbridge the grange the moors the mount the old hall the riddings the rookery thoralby thoralby fete thornbrugh hall thornton thornton hall thornton rust tidworth timbers tomlinson top town town hall town head travellers tree upper upper cross upper fall upper falls ure veil vicarage view view of west burton villa village village green village hall virosidum walden walden beck walden moor walden road walden villa walden,south warnford watching water water lane water pump waterfall waterfalls watsons watson’s bank wedding wensley wensleydale wenslydale west west burton west burton, pub, village green west holme west witton westburton westholme wheel whirlpool whitehead whitfield whitfield upper falls will burrill window winn winter woods wooler&#039 woolers dub wooler’s dub world war yore mills york minster young girl
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